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Hip Hop Ish | Skooly | Baccward Feelings | Listening Session

Written by Cora J

Fresh off of the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour with 2Chainz, this TRU artist has obviously been lighting up the mic in the studio as well. We pulled up to Street Execs Studio for a private listening session for Skooly debut album Baccward Feelings. We piled into the A room awaiting the former Rich Kidz arrival. He enters like the true rock star he is. With his mentor, 2Chainz sitting front and center, Skooly contained his excitement. “I really just wanna go wild I’m so excited but I’m gonna chill” he said.

The rapper began to introduce the tracks and it wasn’t long before we all were bobbin’ our heads. The excitement in the room couldn’t be denied. Impressed with the flow of the album; it seemed each song got better than the next. Track listing is important. Let’s take a look at a few stand out tracks.

“Swagger” is a hard hitting track featuring 2Chainz produced by Bobby Kritical. The high energy hook alone will have you hype. Skooly says “I’m still stuck on swag. I got swag… ya dig.” As he raps every word and dances with swag as only he can do. This track will definitely be a fan favorite.

“Lose Yourself” is definitely a ladies anthem.

It’s a syncopated track with a reggae vibe. The ladies will definitely shake to it. It just feels good. One can’t help to think of Rihanna when you hear the song. She could very well put her flavor on the remix.

If you haven’t heard Stylin, you’ve been under a rock. This smooth track featuring Young Thug, says what we all feel. We be Stylin! The combination of Skooly and Young Thug on this song is perfect.

“Fucc It Up Suh” is Skooly’s self proclaimed favorite track ever recorded. Mama yells from FaceTime it’s her favorite track to. Of course this has us on edge ready to hear it. The track is one of those that will make the ladies feel like she is doing her thing and who doesn’t wanna feel like that? The Atlanta way to let the ladies know they are dope! Fucc it up suh! A female feel good anthem.

Mondo on the beat! You’ll hear that drop at least three times on the album. Each time you hear it the track is smooth. Mondo adds that extra velvety vibe to “Fuccin Witcha.” Dope combo of him rapping and an old school feel to the track thanks to Mondo on the beat! Laid back yet feel good. “So Fake you lied to my whole face,” we can all relate to that line.

“Vicarious Moments” is a fusion of two tracks. Skooly says its his way to pay tribute to two of his “brothers” that have passed. One of those being his Street Execs family Bankroll Fresh. The track is unique because he literally took two different songs and put them together and it works.

“My Brother Had Dope Before He Left” is a hard bass hitting track. I heard he free-styled while recording. Skooly changed up his flow and it’s dope.

With the help of dope producers like Chophouze, Nolan and the aforementioned, the young bull has delivered on his debut album. Definitely curious to see how this will progress for him. Overall it’s a solid album. Press play and take a listen to Skooly’s Baccward Feelings.

Cora J.

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